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State of the Cut - June 2021

In a digital age its good to see the interest of the outdoors is returning to Western civilization. Whether it be from concerns over the environment, or the fears created by the global pandemic causing food shortages, it appears that an interest sparked in returning to our rustic and primal roots exists in the collective consciousness. The need for mankind to wield steel in a more intimate manner has been manifest in the soaring of cutlery sales over the last year. It’s confirmed by our peers, cutlery sales are at an all time high unarguably. Regardless of the genre or the cause, now is the time to diversify and profit for this mental shift.

Brands like Casstrom and Kizlyar Supreme offer a wide range of outdoor products. Bushcraft being the upward trend, Casstrom dominates the genre of with many tried and tested products. With the selection of stainless and carbon steels with Scandi and flat grinds, options are plentiful for the consumer as well as the selection of handles. 

Having Lars Falt (founder of the Swedish Armed Forces Survival School) backing your brand with three unique signature models gives credit to its quality and durability. Whether you want a skinning knife for game, like the Safaris, or the simple fixed blade knives for campsite task like the No. 10s, Casstrom covers all your bushcraft needs.

Kizlyar Supreme adds more to the mix with its wide variety of blades for the outdoors. The Bushmate with either Convex or Scandi grinds hacks away the competition depending on your needs for carving out the landscape. The simple Yeti, Colada and Pioneer Camp Knives offer the user the ability to complete various fireside tasking with their unique blade shapes and designs for both food prep and bushcraft. The Caspian is a fixed blade hunting knife classic in its design and versatile in its use. Kizlyar Supreme possesses more models that can be mentioned in one article without excess, but you should browse the line to fill the holes in your knife selection.

Regardless of the products or the brand, CAS is expanding the selection to fulfill all your customers outdoor needs. By keeping your finger on the pulse of these trends, you will stay ahead of the curve and profit from this rising trend. Ask your CAS representative about which of these outdoor markets may work best for you.