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Oct 27
NEW Nylon Sword Packs!

Perfect for the beginning HEMA school or for loaner swords at an established one, check out these Red Dragon HEMA School packs.

Apr 19
Cutting Jian on the way!

Hanwei is sending more Cutting Jian now... in the mean time check out this precision candle wick cut from Scott M Rodell!

Apr 14
NEW booth at BLADE!

We'll be at booth #526 at this year's Blade Show. Hope to see you there!

Older News
Feb 22
Cutting Test - Yanone

Check out our Yanone Katana Cutting test here:

Nov 28

Shipment from Hanwei arrived over the holiday, check out what is available today from CAS Hanwei right here!

Nov 21
Okapi Knives IN STOCK

Finally we have the Okapi Pocket Knives available again, check them out here!

Jul 28
Legacy Arms Shipment!

This just in, we've just checked in shipment from the Legacy Arms forge! Get them while they last!

Jul 27
NEW and IN-STOCK Knives

We just got a big shipment of knives in from Russia, including the all new Breeden Collab knife, the Whisper! Check them all out here.

Mar 30
Delta Long-Term Review

Check out this Long-Term Review from Survivalkraft on YouTube!


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