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These pieces from CAS Iberia represent custom items built to our customer's specifications. Any customer's wishing to inquire about custom items should contact their sales representative.

Viking Wholesale

Viking Wholesale, inc.'s Tatsu Collection commemorates Japanese Dragons in the form of this unique Daisho (9 in the series), folded steel in the style of Unokubi-Zukuri. Manufactured by CAS Hanwei, this series and all CAS products are included in our drop ship program.

Reliks, Inc

Reliks is proud to announce the release of the Katsumushi Katana. The Katsumushi is a 500 pc. limited edition collaboration between Paul Chen along with the Hanwei forge and Reliks Swords and Collectibles.

Blue Ridge Knives

Blue Ridge Knives, in addition to carrying the dealer line of CAS Iberia products, has commissioned a beautiful Green Bamboo Snake Folded Steel Daisho. This Daisho utilizes the highest quality fittings mounted on a folded swedish powder-steel blade, a stunning piece.

Bugei Trading

Bugei Trading, through the expert guidance of James Williams, has created a line of Japanese Katana built by CAS Hanwei to exacting specifications.