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State of the Cut - April 2021

CAS Iberia’s wholesale roots started in knife sales. CAS continues to carve out our niche in the knife market with unique selections from Hanwei, APOC, Casstrom, Kizlyar Supreme and Citadel brands. We hope with the State of the Cut to help you identify trends and hopefully expand your selection in the knife market.

The hottest selling category in Knives of 2020 were the Throwing Knives from Kizlyar Supreme and remain consistent sellers. These knives were added to the line in late 2015. Initially, we were skeptical because they are not inexpensive knives, plus you only get one knife whereas most are typically sold as throwing knife sets. 

CAS set aside a few of each to test ourselves. We built a throwing knife station in the back of the warehouse and started throwing. The conceptual photos you see on the website are from our custom knife throwing target. The knives survived and surpassed our grueling tests. The tips and edges even survived bouncing off our concrete floors in the warehouse when we missed the target or failed to make it stick (not that we recommend doing that – beware of the ricochet), a testament to the steel and tempering process. Many years later, they are still being thrown in the back of the warehouse in about the same condition they were out of the box, maybe a little dirtier and more scuffed.

Our Kizlyar Supreme Throwing Knives were developed by the fathers of the Russian knife throwing school, the most prominent is still grandmaster V. S. Kovrov, who is their original designer which consisted of 5 SKUs; the Osetr, Strij, Lepestock, Vyatiz and the Leader

CAS later developed the Impulse with Kizlyar Supreme. The concept was to develop a beginner’s knife that could be thrown either by the blade or the handle with a perfect center balance. We recommend starting with the Impulse if you do not already have a throwing knife customer base.

The Osetr is designed to be thrown from the handle. The Leader, Lepestock and Vyatiz models are designed to be thrown from the blade. The Strij can be thrown by either the blade or the handle but to learn how to throw it properly and consistently is a challenge. 

What are the selling points for these throwing knives?

1. Kizlyar Supreme offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their products. A manufacturers defective product will be replaced if that model is in production or has a similar replacement.

2. Designed by experts who teach the genre.

Throwing knives and axes are growing in popularity across the United States. Now is the time to jump on this trend on the upswing while you can. Take the time and read up on Kizlyar Supreme and why they are considered superior Russian knives.