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Throwing knives is a separate type of knives with specialized technical requirements.

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Paul Chen Hanwei Swords
Get Dressed For Battle - GDFB reenactment gear
HEMA, Medieval and Reenactment Swords by Kingston Arms
Dragon King Swords
Red Dragon Armoury HEMA equipment
Legacy Arms Medieval Swords
Kizlyar Supreme Knives
Samurai Swords and semi-production knives by Citadel
Casstrom Swedish Bushcraft Knives
Okapi Pocket Knives, Hand Tools and Machetes
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SAY Period Clothing and Armor
Impulse - Throwing Knife
Impulse - Throwing Knife
KK0064 - MSRP: $50.00
in stock
Vyatiz Throwing Knife
Vyatiz Throwing Knife
KK0092 - MSRP: $42.00
in stock
Lepestok Throwing Knife
low stockLepestok Throwing Knife
KK0057 - MSRP: $50.00
in stock
Leader Throwing Knife
low stockLeader Throwing Knife
KK0055 - MSRP: $42.00
in stock
Osetr Throwing Knife
Osetr Throwing Knife
KK0063 - MSRP: $50.00
out of stock - eta: November 19
Strij Throwing Knife
Strij Throwing Knife
KK0065 - MSRP: $42.00
out of stock
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