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Synthetic Falchion Sparring Sword-Silver Blade by Red Dragon Armoury

PR9072 Synthetic Falchion Sparring Sword-Silver Blade
MSRP: $90.00
In stock.

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The Falchion combined the weight and power of an axe with the versatility of a sword. Falchions are found in different forms from around the 11th century up to and including the sixteenth century. It was likely to have developed from farmer's and butcher's knives of the seax type or in the manner of the larger Messer.

Our Proline Xtreme Falchion is manufactured from the same special blend of high-impact polymer used in the construction of other swords within the Proline Xtreme range.


Parts to make this sword:

Product Details +

Key Features:

  • Designed for Sparring and Drilling
  • Approved by Dave Rawlings and the Boars Tooth Fight School
  • Based on Real Historical Designs
Synthetic Falchion Sparring Sword-Silver Blade
MSRP: $90.00
In stock
Made In The United Kingdom
Specifications +

Overall: 37 3/4"
Blade Length: 29 1/2"
Handle Length: 4 1/2"
Weight: 1lb 10oz
Point of Balance: 5 1/2"

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.