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Knight Errant Suit of Armour by Red Dragon Armoury

LR002K Knight Errant Suit of Armour
Knight Errant Suit of Armour

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The Knight Errant wanders the land in search of adventure, proving his chivalric virtue through unparalleled feats of arms. No giant, ogre or dragon is safe. Resplendent in his silver armour, his banner unfurled and sword gleaming in the midday sun, he urges on his fiery steed, ever onwards to the glory that awaits!

Includes Knight Errant Greaves, Bracers, Helmet, Breastplate and backplate and Pauldrons. Armour set only, costume not included. All armor is made from polyurethane.

Vambraces - Length: 8 1/4" Width: 4"

Helmet - Length: 11" Width: 7 7/8" Height: 8 3/4" Circumference (Inner): 24 - 25"

Greaves - Length: 14" Width: 5 1/4"

Shoulders -Length: 10" Width: 7 3/8"

Breastplate - Length: 19" Width: 18" Back Plate - Length: 22" Width: 16"


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Key Features:

  • Highly detailed, durable and light weight LARP armor
  • Adjustable leather straps
  • Versatile in many LARP genres
Knight Errant Suit of Armour
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