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State of the Cut - March 2021

The first quarter of 2021 started off with bang, or a “schwing” if you prefer. Swords sales are still on the rise across the board in all genres. Our goal in State of the Cut is to help you identify sales trends in our product lines.

Of all the genres of products currently selling APOC brand is king. The APOC brand features genres of product within its own genre containing both Asian and European sword and knife designs. As we receive feedback, we are consistently making refinements to the products. Currently, there are 11 SKUs in the line including swords and knives. Axes are the next category of product to be added in 2021. 

There are several reasons one could speculate to the popularity of the brand. They are low maintenance and highly affordable products that turn quickly. Their tactical nature and Molle compatible sheaths make them highly versatile and functional. Regardless of reasons, you want to be in the APOC business.

A popular item in the line is Survival Katana SD35510. The Survival Katana was one of the first two products introduced in the brand. It has been the most difficult to keep on the shelf. If you don’t have it on back order we recommend that you consider doing so. 

Our current rising star in the sword category is the NEW Tac Brutus SD35620 which is another Gus Trim (Atrim) design. A medieval European single hand sword, this beefy little sword is incredibly light and quick in hand. Currently we have good quantities in stock and would be a great item to feature. Its unique design and functionality may soon make it the leader of the pack.

Consequently, it is not just the post-apocalyptic marketing selling these items, these are real world, functional products. You do not have to take our word for it either. APOC products are regularly being scrutinized by the industry’s top professionals. 

The APOC Kukri KD35540 landed in Blade Magazines4 of the Best Kukris You Can Buy” in September of 2020. It stacked up well against brands like Ka-bar, TOPS and SOG. We can’t think of higher praise.

Knives Illustrated just featured the APOC Chop House KD35530 in their March-April edition. More of a machete from their perspective than a sword or a knife. It also did well in the field trials performing various tasks.

What are the key selling features for this line?

1. Low maintenance – fewer natural materials that shrink, swell or rust due to humidity.

2. 9260 Steel – a tough and flexible steel that has good corrosion resistance in addition to the black coating. 

3. Milled G10 handles – comfortable and easy to use. 

4. Most feature Molle compatible sheaths / scabbards – adapts great for tactical harnesses and bug-out bags.

A side note:

Our most popular APOC item in the knife category is the Last Chance Trench Bowie KD35610.

Unfortunately, it is considered a knuckle knife and may be illegal in some states. Please check your state and local laws before ordering.

But no worries, there are other great knife options available above currently and in development if that is the case for your location.