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Palnatoke LARP (Live Action Role Play)

Palnatoke LARP Weapons

Superior quality foam/latex swords and leather goods for LARP and Cos-Play.

Palnatoke has been producing movie and stage props in Denmark for over 25 years. Since 2000 they have been specializing in creating the best foam swords for LARP available anywhere. All of their swords are produced in-house and materials sourced from around Europe. In addition they have a full line of high quality leather goods (scabbards, mounts, baldrics, bracers, greaves, etc.) made to perfectly match their swords. 

What sets Planatoke apart from all the other LARP Foam swords?

LARP Sword Tip Reinforcement Details


  1. Tip reinforcement with graduated flex to ensure long life span.
  2. Soft foam to semihard foam in core provides graduated hardness for safe LARPing.
  3. Primet foam before rubber coating – rubber sticks to the foam – extra durability.
  4. Rubber coating on cross guard before assembling – cross guards last almost forever (no broken cross guard out of more than 100,000 swords manufactured and sold by Palnatoke)
  5. Glass fiber cores are tested and selected for optimal performance.
  6. Proven quality. 13 years crafting LARP weapons and an additional 12 years of special effects and prop making is the experience base of the Palnatoke crew.


  1. Industrial coagulation technology provides an equal layer of very strong rubber.
  2. 10 different steps of coating.
  3. Top coating is extreme durable – the strongest on the market. Scratch free and maintenance free. Silicone can be used for cleaning and to obtain a smooth surface.

 Elevate Your Game with Palnatoke!

Palnatoke LARP Weapons