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The time has come for legends to arise once more.
If you listen hard enough, far off to the east you will hear the rumbling sound of fire and forges churning. If you look hard into the distance, you will see the glow of steel and billows of smoke. None will be able to compare to the grandeur of the Dragon King and it's come to take the throne. Hail to the king!




To be called a "CAS Iberia product" requires a considerable amount of effort and ability, a high level of quality, consistency and performance. The Dragon King Brand of products from our old friend, Frenchie Jin, continues to expand the sword arts in the CAS Iberia family of brands. Our selection of Dragon King swords continues to grow quickly each year as they make advancements in their capabilities. New folded steel katana are being added each year to the selection.


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Dragon King Katana

Dragon King Katana

The Seasonal Katana Series represents an entry level katana with traditional handle construction and cotton tsuka-ito (wrap) and real same (ray skin). Designed for regular cutting, the 5160 high-carbon steel blade is through-hardened for toughness.

See these four swords; Spring Sakura, Summer Lotus, Autumn Leaf and Winter Sun here.

Many more collectible samurai swords are coming to us from Dragon King




Dragon King Canes and Sword Canes

Dragon King has taken their exceptional design and precision casting talents to the world of collectible sword canes. These canes feature tough carbon fiber shafts with forged high-carbon blades or beautiful Rosewood shafts and forged-folded (Damascus) blades. Many of the sword canes also integrate hidden utility knives, a first in the cane market.

The Damascus bladed Taiji Sword Cane was the first available of the series, now joined by two Carbon-Fiber Cane Canes - The Octopus Sword Cane and Skull Cane w/ Spike.

Dragon King Sword Canes




Dragon King Chinese Swords

Chinese Swords by Dragon King

Dragon King began their sword making endeavors producing extremely high-end swords for the domestic Chinese market. We're talking $65,000 swords with solid-gold fittings. Their dedication to producing some of the highest quality Chinese-style swords available anywhere is immediately evident. 

The first sword in the series has been released to coincide with the 400th anniversary of a famous sword fighting manual. Dragon King's Miao Dao is an absolute beast of a sword, while being surprisingly agile. 





About Dragon King

Dragon King founder Frenchie JinThe famed artisans of Dalian have returned to show to the sword world what quality, craftsmanship and ingenuity can produce under the superlative leadership of a true avant-gardist. By the guidance of master designer, Frenchie Jin, the next generation of cutlery enthusiasts will taste the steel of the fabled golden age of swords. 

Ever the student of the arts, Frenchie Jin combined the processes of contemporary mechanical construction and modern science with the classic arts, ancient aesthetics and philosophical imagery to produce many of the legendary pieces known today. Having designed over 600 different cold weapons in his 20-year career, to say that he and his team have mastered and advanced their craft would be an understatement. 

The Dragon King brand does not represent a company that just manufactures products but embodies a group of artisans who have been adeptly trained to duplicate ancient skillsets that can't be automated by machines on an assembly line. Not every blade that is forged becomes a sword. Not every casting that is poured becomes a component of a greater piece. The goal for improvement and innovation starts every day under Frenchie's guidance. 

Not confining their talents to sword making alone, the Dragon King team plies their abilities also to the production of knives, jewelry and other high end art-crafts. And not just in steel alone, these artisans craft wood and leather among many other materials and alloys.  Our journey together has only begun, but the fruits of that labor are coming to bear. All now know and there will be no doubt who is king.