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Michael 'Tinker' Pearce

CAS has commissioned Michael ‘Tinker’ Pearce to design a line of swords that will satisfy both the sparring and cutting needs of Western Martial Arts practitioners. Matching sharp and blunt versions of each sword in the series offer the same outstanding handling characteristics in both disciplines. The swords meet Tinker`s exacting quality requirements and are built in much the same way as his custom pieces. Each blade is forged from 5160 Spring Steel, Marquenched to the desired hardness of 50-53 Hrc while the tang is drawn back to the low 30s Hrc. For the Medieval models the very end of the tang is threaded to fit a 5mm allen nut recessed into the pommel which allows for dismantling of the hilt assembly for inspection, to exchange blades if needed, and for anyone wanting to easily customize their grip. Also the Sharp and Blunt blades are interchangeable on all Medieval models. The Viking Sword sharps and blunts are peened for historical authenticity and to meet the needs of collector and reenactment groups. The grips are cord wrapped and leather covered wood and tapered for a comfortable grip. Each sword is supplied with a leather covered wood scabbard with metal throat and chape.

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2 Hand Longsword

This 2 Handed Longsword features a Type XVIIIa blade with a narrow fuller running approximately 1/3 it's length. Typical of the late Medieval period this style of longsword exhibits fantastic cutting and thrust ability thanks to its gradual profile taper and central ridge. The accompanying blunt trainer is a perfect match for studying the arts of the Liechtenauer tradition. The 5160 blade holds up remarkably well to full speed sparring sessions but may be replaced if ever needed, further reducing the long-term cost of these swords at their already exceptional value.

Longsword Blunt Trainer in Action:

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Video 2


Blunt Trainer

Hand and a Half "Bastard" Sword

This Hand and a Half Sword features a Type XVIIIa blade with a strong central ridge and diamond profile. The tapered oval grip feels exceptional in hand while the second hand easily slides over the wheel pommel when extra leverage is required. The blunt trainer's blade has a 3/4 length fuller to allow for the required thicker edges for safe sparring practice.

Blunt Trainer

Early Medieval Sword

The Early Medieval Sword is typical of the 13th - 14th century single hand swords but the Type XII blade was known to be in use from as early as the late Viking era. The Blunt trainer is an exceptional match for I.33 sword and buckler study.

Blunt Trainer

9th Century Viking

Our 9th Century Viking Sword features the classic Type X wide fullered blade. Unlike the other models in this line the 9th Century Viking is of a peened pommel design. The accompanying blunt is thus geared towards the discerning reenactor with 2mm rounded edges and a more historical appearance.

Reenactor Blunt