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Tactical Sword - Scabbard Fitting Adjustment

Improving the fit of your Tactical Katana, Tactical Wakizashi or Tactical Tanto in the scabbard.

If the fit of your Tactical is too loose, or becomes too loose, in the scabbard - here's a fix (not complicated, just long winded).

Materials / Tools needed:

  1. Plastic Soda Bottle (2L size)
  2. Super Glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Small flat file (6" or so)
  5. Sharp knife


  1. Using the scissors remove the smooth section of the bottle that is under the label. Discard the rest of the bottle. Remove and discard the label.
  2. Again using the scissors vut a strip of plastic about 2" long and about 1/10" wide as shown in Fig. 1. This strip should just slide into the narrow end of the scabbard opening without touching the sides (see Fig. 2).
  3. The strip will have small sides from cutting - flatten these out using the blunt edge of the scissors (just a couple of easy strokes).
  4. Apply super glue to a little more than an inch of the strip, on the side that had the burrs. The rest of the strip will be used as a "handle".
  5. Hlding the strip by the "handle", insert it, glue side down, about 1" into the scabbard opening. Make sure that the glued section overhangs the scabbard slightly.
  6. Insert the file into the scabbard opening and, using the edge press down firmly on the strip until the glue sets (steps 5 and 6 need to performed fairly quickly as the glue will dry rapidly).
  7. As soon as the glue sets trim off the "handle" end of the strip flush with the end of the scabbard.
  8. Insert the sword into the scabbard firmly (it probably won't seet fully at this point) and leave it for a minute or so.
  9. If the sword did not seat fully, use the milled edge of the file and very carefully file the plastic strip (along the whole 1" length) until the fit of the sword is to your liking. A little tighter than necessary is preferable as the fit will relax slightly with use.