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State of the Cut - May 2021

Whether you choose to believe it or not, it’s becoming a do-it-yourself world. With the internet at your fingertips and how-to videos on YouTube just a click away, the sum of human knowledge has never been more accessible. With shows like “Forged in Fire” driving the interest in the knife market, DIY knives are the next logical step for the consumer who does not have the means to build a forge in his or her backyard. 

CAS has a long history of selling blade blanks starting with an offering from Spain which was discontinued. Seeing the trend in the market and the need to sell these items again, CAS partnered with Kizlyar Supreme to offer blade blanks of some of their most popular models and blade steels. This selection has been a smashing success. The initial shipment sold out in a couple of days after hitting the dock. 

Currently there are six SKUs available in the Kizlyar Supreme blade blank line. Each model has a specific blade steel from Bohler, Sleipner, D2, Niolox and PGK. They range in style from simple utility knife blades to tactical and bowie blades. Obviously, they do not come sharpened which if they did it would not be fun or safe knife making. 

The bad boy out of the bunch is the Bastardo in Sleipner. It is an unforgettable bowie blade ready to do some damage. The blade blank version includes barrel nuts to help the knife maker attach handle slabs if so wanted.  

CAS also offers the leather Bastardo Sheath as well.

Another popular item is the Sensei Tactical Knife. Its fully assembled brother is one of the top selling tactical echelon knives in both D2 and AUS-8. As the name suggests, the Sensei has an Asian flare with its Japanese tanto shape. The blade blank version comes in the TactWash finish. 

CAS also offers the kydex Molle compatible sheath.

If you have not ventured in to selling the Kizlyar Supreme line, now would be a good time to start investing. We are anticipating a shipment from Kizlyar Supreme the week of the publication of this article. The fixed blade genre for the brand has grown over the last two years. Take a moment and glance over the product categories and take a stab at it.