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State of the Cut - July 2021

In the middle of Summer you probably wouldn’t think much about the approaching Fall hunting season. But July is the time for you to start browsing and making your selection for your outdoor customers. Casstrom and Kizlyar Supreme both offer a wide range of products that will accommodate your customers needs as well as expand your market offerings.

Starting with Casstrom, the Safari model is a great small to midsize game skinning knife that allows for accurate and detail cuts in those hard-to-reach places without the knife getting in the way. The Swedish stainless steel is great for corrosion resistance against whatever fluids you may encounter. Also, the Safari comes in a stabilized curly birch handle as well as multiple G10 handle colors

You may even want to consider one of the No. 10s in a Flat Grind for more robust harvested, food prep. There are multiple models with various handle materials.

Another great item in the Casstrom line is the Field Saw. There are many similar and less expensive models on the market but none are as more durable and long lasting as the one from Casstrom. It just recently went through a re-design. For large game, the No. 11 is perfect for moose or elk. For midsize deer or smaller game the No. 7 should suffice. Replacement blades are available for each model.

The Caspian Hunter from Kizlyar Supreme is classic in its design where form meets functionality. Consistently a great seller for these reasons, it comes in two handle options; Carpinus (hornbeam) and the ever popular root-wood Walnut from the Caucus Mountains in Russia. Click here to watch a review of the Caspian. 

Another hunting / outdoors favorite in the Kizlyar Supreme line is the Colada. Just an all around great outdoors knife that handles all the jobs in the wild. The Colada comes in a nice European stainless steel (AUS-8) but those of you with a more discerning taste may prefer the version in the Bohler K340 steel. Both versions come in the beautiful Caucus Walnut handles.

There are many items to choose to offer to your customers and these few items are just the tip. If you want to branch out and start offering some more knife options, contact your CAS representative and ask about expanding your selection.