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Rock Creek Knives

Rock Creek Knives is a hand made collection of fixed-blade hunting and utility knives and lockback folders.


Commenting on the quality of the knives, CAS Hanwei's president, Barry Ross, stated that the company's aim was to isolate its knives from the stereotypical conception of Chinese-made knives: "Although many major manufacturers are now sourcing knives in China," he said, "the image of low quality/low cost persists and we have taken major steps to set our line apart from this image. Hanwei, because of the scarcity of clean high-alloy cutlery steels from domestic suppliers, is melting its own steels and producing superior blade materials with excellent edge-holding and toughness characteristics. Additionally, trading on its swordmaking capabilities, Hanwei is able to forge knife blades, a quality feature now available only from custom makers and semi-custom manufacturers in the commercial sporting knife market."

Fixed Blades

The current fixed blade series encompasses nineteen models of hunters and utility/survival knives. All have forged blades in HWS-1K, a high-alloy steel proprietary to Hanwei, with an edge hardness of 58 - 60HRc and excellent corrosion resistance, edge-holding and ease of sharpening. The blade thickness is either 3/16" or 1/4", depending on blade length and the blades are flat or saber ground as appropriate. An aggressive thumb grip is provided on the back of each blade and finger grooves are provided at the choil of certain skinner/caper models for blade control. The tangs of knives with stacked-leather handles and full stag rolls are very substantial, terminating in a short thread at the pommel. Knives with stag scale handles feature full tapered tangs. The guards and pommels are investment cast in stainless steel.


The hand stitched sheaths are made in bark-tanned leather with stainless steel reinforcing at the wear points and are of either pouch-type or have strap-and-snap retainers.



The current folder series comprises twelve lockback models. The blades are forged in either HWS-1K or HWS-2K, another high-alloy steel proprietary to Hanwei, formulated for toughness, abrasion resistance (edge-holding) and corrosion resistance. The blades are hollow ground for easy edge maintenance and ground from 1/8" stock. The frames are built in solid stainless steel with various handle treatments. Six models feature removable pocket clips of Hanwei's own design and four have bails for belt-clip attachment. An innovative feature on certain models is the use of Hanwei's electroformed engraving. Handle materials are available in a choice of rosewood, stabilized leather and mother-of-pearl/abalone.