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Legacy Arms / Generation 2 now a part of CAS Hanwei

Generation 2 SwordsCAS Hanwei is proud to announce the purchase of Legacy Arms / Imperial Weapons! This purchase includes the Legacy Arms (formerly Generation 2) and Brookhart Collection of handmade swords, daggers and axes as well as the following websites:,, sword-, and

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For years Legacy Arms has been leading the way in the affordable sword market creating tough, well made items for the Medieval Sword enthusiast. We’re excited to add the Legacy Arms / Generation 2 swords to our line-up! In addition the Brookhart collection features a number of historical sword, dagger and axe designs by Bruce Brookhart, a leading researcher on medieval weaponry.

All of the current Legacy Arms / Generation 2 and Brookhart Collection swords are now available at here or by contacting our offices at (800) 635-9366 and through your favorite sword retailer.

"I’m excited to see the direction that CAS will take the Legacy Arms / Generation 2 swords!"
- Clyde Hollis, Legacy Arms Founder