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Use and Maintenance of your Knife

CAS Iberia knives are made to high standards of quality and with responsible use, care, and maintenance they will provide excellent service. Your knife is designed and made as a cutting tool and, although it will tolerate hard use, it is not built for throwing or prying and such use may cause injury to yourself or others. Respect the fact that a knife can inflict serious injury if mishandled.

Maintenance Tips

  • Keep your knife dry and clean, this applies to all parts of the knife. Moisture, dirt and debris will adversely affect the knives performance. Discoloration on blades and other metal parts can be removed using metal polish. Paste wax will help to protect and maintain the appearance of wood, leather bone and stag handles and leather sheaths.
  • Keep blades and any moving parts lightly oiled.
  • Keep your blade sharp – regular “touch up” of the edge is far preferable to allowing the blade to become dull enough to require laborious sharpening. Remember that dull blades are more dangerous than sharp ones.
  • If a leather sheath gets wet, remove, dry and clean the knife as soon as reasonably possible and allow the sheath to air dry thoroughly at room temperature. If the sheath has absorbed a significant amount of water treat with a leather preservative (available at shoe stores) after drying and before re-using.
  • Do not store your knife in the sheath for extended periods. If a knife is to be stored between seasons, remove it from the sheath and store both in a dry place.
  • Do not clean your knife in the dishwasher!