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Get Sharp - Defect or Feature - Katana - Rough Kissaki

In the Japanese katana realm, there are many interesting features in the design that serve a specific purpose. Many of those little features are not obvious. Sometimes, consumers ask us “is this a defect” or “imperfection” in the product. One of those features is the back of the kissaki (blade tip)

You may or may not have noticed, the back of the kissaki is unpolished on our katana. Why is that?

This part of the blade is left unpolished so the left hand holding the saya can feel the change in grain or texture of the tip when re-sheathing the blade. This subtle safety feature may seem like a defect to the eye but makes world of difference when handling the blade.

After the tip reaches the end of the rough kissaki and the grain goes smooth, the swordsman knows he or she can slide the blade the rest of the way quicker and more safely.