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CAS Iberia and Bugei Trading - A Partnership 30 years in the Making

June 7th, 2019

CAS Iberia and Bugei Trading are joining forces to continue the legacy of the Bugei name earned over nearly 30 years leading the Samurai sword market. After the retirement of a founding partner, James Williams and his son, Christopher, plan to continue to develop samurai swords of the highest standard to Bugei’s own specification. CAS Iberia proudly partners with Bugei by being the new headquarters and worldwide distributor for the brand from Sale Creek, TN USA.

The first step in the CAS-Bugei partnership is the continuation of the current line of Bugei swords. The second step is a new sword project, the Mukade Katana, which will be revealed at Blade Show 2019. The Mukade project is a truly continent spanning collaboration as the design and concept are by James and Christopher Williams with fittings brought to life by renowned metal artist Roman Urban. A 10-piece limited edition of the exceptional Mukade is being made by Paul Chen’s son, Ron Chen, as a sole authorship project of his own forge in Taiwan. A semi- production Mukade sword crafted by the Hanwei forge will be released before the end of the year. A second sword project is currently in development designed by long time Bugei collaborator Keith Larman which will follow soon after.

Founded by James Williams in 1993, Bugei Trading along with then newly completed Hanwei forge by Paul Chen brought the first functional production samurai swords to the US market. Shortly thereafter Barry Ross, President and founder of CAS Iberia, began working with Paul to expand the range of Hanwei’s smiths by tasking them to produce functional, affordable reproduction European swords and Japanese style swords of Paul’s own design. Ever since the Hanwei forge has produced the Bugei and CAS range of swords side-by-side, it seemed only natural to solidify our partnership.

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