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2008 Blade Show

The 2008 Blade Show in Atlanta, GA was a huge success! All visitors to the booth agreed that Hanwei is really stepping up to the plate on some exciting new lines available just around the corner. We were surprised to find that Paul Chen brought not only Hanwei's Tinker Bastard Sword Prototypes but also a prototype of the Early Medieval Sword! Tinker was on hand and impressed with the results, they'll soon be off to his shop for further evaluation and approval. Another Odachi prototype brings us much closer to the finished product on this impressive piece. Also nearing completion is a fantastic Tachi that's been in the works for some time.

James Williams of Bugei Trading Co. presented an outstanding Japanese Cutting Demonstration, highlighted below:

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Tinker Medieval Sword prototypes

Copyright - Vincent Tseng, 2008

Copyright - Vincent Tseng, 2008

Updated Odachi prototype

Tachi prototype

New Chinese Sabers and The Spirit of Steel DVD

New Chinese Jian and GDFB armor

Iberia line now produced by Hanwei

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