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Wave Katana - T10 w/hi by Kaneie Swords

SE3005 - Two Mekugi Wave Katana - T10 w/hi
Wave Katana - T10 w/hiWave Katana - T10 w/hiWave Katana - T10 w/hiWave Katana - T10 w/hiWave Katana - T10 w/hiWave Katana - T10 w/hiWave Katana - T10 w/hi

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Wave Katana; a light and fast samurai sword

The Wave Katana from Kaneie Sword Art is an exceptionally balanced, light and fast sword suitable for collection or martial arts practice. The sword is named for the Wave (Nami) themed fittings and crab menuki.

The blade is differentially hardened T10, hand polished in the traditional manner to a full "art" polish. Details in the hamon are exquisite and must be seen in person to truly appreciate. The blade is a light and fast cutter, with little niku (appleseed edge geometry). Therefore this sword should only be used on traditional cutting targets such as tatami.



Blade Steel
Silver Plated Brass
Tsuka-ito (Handle Wrap)
Japanese Cotton
Silver Plated Brass
Genuine White Ray Skin
2 tapered bamboo
Buffalo Horn
Japanese Rayon Silk



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Reviews & Testimonials+
**Video Review - Mike Femal of Nihonzashi puts the range of swords from Kaneie into cutting use on a range of tough traditional targets. -- Mike Femal

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I would recommend either of these swords to fellow martial artists -- Drew Tharp

Read the entire review here.

It is hard to find such a polished package outside of Japan or the world of non Japanese master smiths and it gives the causal collector and practitioner a chance to own something close to the look and feel of a nihonto, without paying through the nose. -- Josh Marlan

Read the entire review here.

Product Details +

Key Features:

  • Hand Forged T10 High Carbon Blade
  • Full Art Polish
  • Traditional Shape
Specifications +

Overall: 38 3/4"
Blade Length: 28"
Handle Length: 9 1/2"
Weight: 2lb
Point of Balance: 5"
Thickness at Guard: 7mm
Thickness at Tip: 4mm
Sori: 7/8"
Blade Steel: T10
Hrc Edge: 60
Hrc Back: 40

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

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