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Aluminum Chainmail Haubergeon, Squire Grade by GDFB

AB2516 - 60" Chest - Code 9 Aluminum Chainmail Haubergeon, Squire Grade
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Chainmail Haubergeon (Mid-Thigh / Half Sleeve) 60" Chest size in Squire Grade mail, featuring Aluminum Round Ring construction with dome riveting.

This haubergeon is crafted in Code 9 riveted aluminum mail, featuring 10mm dome-riveted rings with gray anodizing. Ideal for the non-contact role-player, this piece will present an authentic appearance. A matching coif (AB3928) is available.

Size: Fits up to 54” chest size measured over a gambeson and undergarments
Construction: Dome Head Riveted
Ring Type: Round Wire
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Gray Anodized
Ring Internal Diameter: 10mm

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Key Features:

  • Grey Anodised
  • Aluminum
  • Round Ring / Dome Head Rivet
Made In India
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