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Norman Helmet w/Aventail, 16G by SAY

AB1676 Norman Helmet w/Aventail, 16G
MSRP: $155.00
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This classically-styled Norman helmet features an integral aventail in butted steel mail and a ridged nasal.  Construction is in 16 gauge steel with a fitted leather suspension and chinstrap. The Norman helmet is typically quite similar to a spangenhelm or a nasal helm (depending on the era), and this one is no different, featuring a simple form that provides great protection to the head, while also featuring a ridged nasal guard for that added bit of protection to the face. Integrated with the helm is an aventail that is crafted from butted steel mail, providing the extra bit of protection that some mail along the back and sides of the helmet might provide. The helmets body is constructed from 16 gauge steel, which makes it quite durable and protective, while also giving it a realistic weight, too. The interior of the helmet is fitted with a leather suspension lining, as well as a chin strap that works wonders for keeping the helmet secure on your head.

CAS Iberia also offers a full line of chainmail,  clothing,  helmets and weapons which are perfect for the re-enactor.  

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Key Features:

  • 16 Gauge Steel
  • Butted steel mail
  • Leather Lined with Chin Strap
Norman Helmet w/Aventail, 16G
MSRP: $155.00
In stock
Made In India
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