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Hutton Sabre by Paul Chen / Hanwei

SH2201 Hutton Sabre
Hutton Sabre
MSRP: $175.00
Price: $155.00
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The blade and hilt of the “Hutton” sabre imitate the style of the true military sabre to provide a more realistic military training sword.  The blade is somewhat shortened and lightened,  with a rounded tip for effective training.  It exhibits a somewhat greater flexibility than the live military sword.

One of the rapidly growing arts within historical fencing societies is that of sabre fencing in the late 19th century Italian style,  originating with fencing masters who were employed to train mounted troops in the effective use of the military sabre.  The Milanese fencing master Guiseppe Radaelli,  is credited with starting the development of this style,  while Salvatore Pecoraro introduced changes and refinements which resulted in the technique finally adopted for sabre at the Military Masters School in Rome.  The hilt designs developed by Radaelli and Pecoraro have been reproduced in our fencing sabers,  with stainless steel guards and wire-wrapped sharkskin-pattern grips.  The high-carbon flex-tempered steel blades by Hanwei closely follow the proportions of the period and are button-tipped for safety.  The blade and hilt of the “Hutton” sabre are closer to the style of the true military sabre.

Product Details +

Key Features:

  • Dueling Sabre
  • High-Carbon Flex-Tempered Blade
  • Wire Wrapped, Shark Skin Grip
Hutton Sabre
MSRP: $175.00
In stock
Made In China
Specifications +

Overall: 37 1/4"
Blade Length: 31”
Handle Length: 6”
Weight: 1lb 6oz
Blade Steel: 9260

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

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