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Daisho Kake Helmet by Paul Chen / Hanwei

AH2081 Daisho Kake Helmet
Daisho Kake HelmetDaisho Kake HelmetDaisho Kake HelmetDaisho Kake Helmet
MSRP: $590.00
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Our Japanese kabuto & menpo are superbly constructed, beautifully detailed and a great value. Models AH2082/2083/2088 replicate the helms of the great Samurai Takeda Shingen, Oda Nobunaga and Date Masamune respectively.Model AH2081, based on a museum piece of unknown provenance, doubles as an exquisite stand for a katana and wakizashi set. All four pieces are equipped with leather liners (ukebari) allowing them to be worn. Custom-designed wooden display stands are included. The museum-quality reproductions of these archaeological treasures have been hand crafted by the metalsmiths of Hanwei with exacting attention to detail. The helmets are fully wearable and are supplied with a display stand.

  • Antiqued autumn brown
  • Wearable helmet
  • Doubles as a sword stand
  • Steel constructed
  • Real horse hair & quail feathers
  • Cotton thread
  • Wood display stand included

Product Details +

Key Features:

  • Authentic styling
  • Wearable
  • Great decorator item
Daisho Kake Helmet
MSRP: $590.00
Currently out of stock
Made In China
Specifications +

Weight: 7lb 8oz

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

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