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Closed Bellows Face Helmet, 16G by SAY

AB2993 Closed Bellows Face Helmet, 16G
Closed Bellows Face Helmet, 16GClosed Bellows Face Helmet, 16G
MSRP: $119.00
In stock.

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This helmet replicates a 17th century German piece.  The bellows visor hinges up for donning the helmet.  Lined and wearable, 14 gauge construction which provides a perfect middle ground for both weight and protection.  The helmet consists of an all-steel piece with a rotating bellows visor in the front,  as well as a median ridge that runs along the helmets center line.  The ridge serves to enhance the strength of the helmet,  while also diverting blows down the side of the helmet.  The ridges in the visor improve its defensive capabilities,  while several small cut-out holes serve to improve the helmets ventilation.

CAS Iberia also offers a full line of chainmail,  clothing,  helmets and weapons which are perfect for the re-enactor.  

Product Details +

Key Features:

  • 16 Gauge Steel
  • Hinged Visor
  • Lined and Wearable
Closed Bellows Face Helmet, 16G
MSRP: $119.00
In stock
Made In India
Specifications +

Weight: 7 lb 8 oz
Gauge: 16

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.