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After much consideration we are proud to announce that we are returning to our roots by changing our trade name back to CAS Iberia. C.A.S. Iberia Inc. is the corporate name chosen over 25 years ago for a small company importing quality knives from Spain. With the recent addition of brands like Legacy Arms, Red Dragon Armoury (Rawlings), Kizlyar Supreme and Viper in addition to our continued relationship with Get Dressed For Battle (GDFB)/ SAY we felt that keeping our name tied only to Paul Chen / Hanwei no longer made sense.

What does this mean for CAS & Hanwei? In short, nothing. We will continue to support and promote the CAS Hanwei brand as we have for the last 15 years while striving to bring you even more options in affordable reproduction swords, high quality knives and reenactment gear.