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A premium line of classic European arms and armor from one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of fine cutlery, CAS Iberia presents the first offering from Kingston Arms. Historical, reliable, durable and authentic reproductions of history’s finest pieces. Several series are planned from the currently available Tourney series of blunt reenactment and stage swords and the sharp Crecy War Sword to several sharp swords designed by a well known US sword smith. We also have several swords in the works developed specifically for HEMA practitioners, both sparring blunts and sharp cutting swords.

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Tourney Series

The Tourney Series of blunt swords is the culmination of 20 years of experience producing swords and related pieces for re-enactment and stage use. We have several swords in development at this time, but the first available in the series is a classic Single Hand Arming Sword and Viking Sword.

Conceived as a premium line of blunt swords fit for reenactment & stage combat, they not only look the part but hold up to it as well. The blades are forged from 9260 spring steel and well tempered to a rockwell hardness of 50Hrc. The edges are at least 2mm thick and rounded for safety. The guard and pommel are finely cast stainless steel and stone washed, giving a long lasting finish that will look good for years worth of battles. The guards feature the newly designed King-Peen system - a thick tab of steel is cast with the guard then riveted in place to the tang under the grip. This method provides an exceptional connection of the guard and blade and in our testing keeps the sword ringing like a bell. The grip is an ergonomically shaped hardwood core wrapped in cord for strength with cord-embossed leather over top. This composite grip construction is not only historically accurate but also long lasting and maintenance friendly. Feels pretty good too.

The scabbards are wood core and covered in leather with a stainless steel chape. These scabbard will lend themselves as-is to keep your sword ready at your side. 

We're confident the swords in the Tourney series are going to be your new favorite for whatever campaign you can throw at them!