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Firesteel, Bubinga by Casstrom

OS12205 Firesteel, Bubinga
Firesteel, Bubinga

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This is a nice firestriker steel made in the Swedish part of Lapland using Bubinga wood for the handle. A firestriker steel is an essential component of any bushcraft or survival kit and this firestriker comes with real character.

  • Quality all-weather firestriker steel
  • 12,000+ strikes
  • Diameter is 9.5mm (full army size)
  • Total length approx. 13cm
  • Handle is made from curly birch wood
  • A stretch material string/lanyard with a striker plate looped through a hole in the handle

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Key Features:

  • 9.5mm Diameter Rod
  • Striker Included
  • Lanyard Included
Firesteel, Bubinga
MSRP: $30.00
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