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CAS Iberia announces partnership to carry high-end Citadel Knives

Citadel Fixed Hunter

In a sea of black handles and industrial machined blades is it possible to find a knife maker that uses some of the latest cutlery steels with high quality natural materials and hand craftsmanship without having to go custom? It is now. For the first time in many years Citadel Knives and Swords’ line of knives are available in North America from CAS Iberia. Citadel is perhaps best known as the maker of some of the most collectible and sought after Samurai Swords outside of Japan, but they also happen to make some exceptional custom-level knives. Citadel’s knives combine imported European steels with the highest quality grip materials to create unique working knives at a custom level fit and finish, for far below that sticker price. Their knives are completely made in-house by master artisans. The high carbon blades are hand forged in a coal bed and highly polished to a keen convex edge. Most of their materials are imported but in some cases high quality local options are sourced, specifically the ray skin used in the Saigon and Husky models for the handles. Citadel combines old-world craftsmanship with modern materials to make exceptional knives Citadel purchases rays from local fisherman and processes the skins themselves. This ray skin is used in the handle wrapping of Samurai Swords and is renowned for its natural grippy texture. The tough leather is then glued to a carved wood core and finished as… Read more »

SHOT Show 2014 – New knives and updated designs from Kizlyar Supreme

We’ve put another successful SHOT show under our belts this year after introducing Kizlyar Supreme for the first time to the show crowd. It’s always a good feeling having someone come up to the booth and handle a knife for a while, you can tell that moment when you make a convert to a new knife design. We had a lot of those moments over the week. We had a few new designs and some early prototypes on display, here are a few: New Knives The Urban – Everyday Fixed Blade The Urban is an all new knife design from Kizlyar Supreme meant to be a modern everyday carry belt knife. The 3 3/4″ slightly hollow ground blade is a good compromise for slicing and general use tasks. The wide belly and slight drop point make for an exceptional field dress knife, cardboard slicer, apple peeler or whatever task is at hand. A slight thumb ramp gives precise point control for fine work. The handle features layered micarta scales that have been 3D sculpted for an incredibly comfortable grip. The Urban is available in 4 styles and comes with a pancake style kydex sheath with a multi-position clip: D2 Stone Washed Blade D2 Black Titanium Coating AUS-8 Stone Washed Blade AUS-8 Black Titanium Coating Sensei – Japanese Wakizashi influenced tactical knife The Sensei is a long knife whose design is inspired by the traditional Japanese short sword, the Wakizashi. This… Read more »

Kizlyar Supreme Kydex Sheath Updates

Kizlyar Supreme is working on some updates to their Kydex sheaths based on some of our feedback and testing. It’s hard to make out but in the image below you can see that the drain hole is now molded into the sheath itself, instead of being drilled out. This should allow for even better drainage. In addition the belt loop system can be configured with high, low or horizontal (scout) carry positions. Also on display is the new lettering of the knife model on the sheath. What do you think?