2014 Blade Show – The Largest Ever

Blade Show

By all accounts the 2014 Blade Show was the highest attended Blade Show ever!



We brought several all new items to the show and introduced an all new line of hand-made swords from Citadel Knives and Swords.

Citadel Knives and Swords are hand-made in Cambodia, each piece is crafted by a small team of highly skilled artisans. Their katana feature hand-forged differentially hardened blades of imported European 1075 steel. The blades are stone polished in the traditional manner and are exceptionally well balanced. The fittings are hand cut and carved from pure iron. Citadel even processes the ray skin in the handle themselves from local fishermen so they can choose the highest quality skins. The handles are wrapped fully in the ray skin with the seam hidden (not panels as is the norm) for greater strength. The ito is imported silk from Japan and expertly wrapped. More pictures and information on the individual swords to come soon.

Citadel Samurai Sword
Citadel Katana

Catching every hand crafted detail.

Citadel Almogavar

A knife this big will put a smile on anyone’s face.



From Kizlyar Supreme we had on hand their all new Intruder Fighting Knife, Sensei Tactical Tanto, and Dream Lockback Folder. In addition the Amigo Neck knife attachment clip was very well received by the crowds.

Kizlyar Supreme Display


From Viper we were able to show off the all new Magà knife designed by Krav Magà instructor Boris Manasherov, a unique design featuring Viper’s first bearing pivot system. This knife is super smooth and fits the hand well.

The all new HEMA Gear from the Red Dragon Armoury was extremely well received by those practicing all martial arts. The HEMA gloves and Federschwert (sparring sword) in particular caught the eye of fencers in the crowd.



On display from Hanwei was the all new Renshu Series, which combines the robust blade steel (through hardened 5160) of the Raptor Series with the economical fittings of the Practical Series swords! These swords are sure to be a hit with the backyard cutting and martial arts practitioners wanting to practice their technique without fear of damaging an expensive sword.



Each Blade Show is better than the last and this one was no exception. If you’ve ever thought of attending but didn’t quite make it out, make sure to mark your calendar for 2015 so you won’t regret missing the show again!

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