SHOT Show 2014 – New knives and updated designs from Kizlyar Supreme

We’ve put another successful SHOT show under our belts this year after introducing Kizlyar Supreme for the first time to the show crowd. It’s always a good feeling having someone come up to the booth and handle a knife for a while, you can tell that moment when you make a convert to a new knife design. We had a lot of those moments over the week.

We had a few new designs and some early prototypes on display, here are a few:

New Knives

The Urban – Everyday Fixed Blade


The Urban is an all new knife design from Kizlyar Supreme meant to be a modern everyday carry belt knife.

The 3 3/4″ slightly hollow ground blade is a good compromise for slicing and general use tasks. The wide belly and slight drop point make for an exceptional field dress knife, cardboard slicer, apple peeler or whatever task is at hand. A slight thumb ramp gives precise point control for fine work.

The handle features layered micarta scales that have been 3D sculpted for an incredibly comfortable grip.

The Urban is available in 4 styles and comes with a pancake style kydex sheath with a multi-position clip:

Sensei – Japanese Wakizashi influenced tactical knife


The Sensei is a long knife whose design is inspired by the traditional Japanese short sword, the Wakizashi. This big knife features AUS-8 and D2 steel and the same extremely well-received ABS/Kraton handles as the Tactical Echelon line from Kizlyar Supreme. The molded sheath provides solid lock-up and a multi-position clip for belt and vest carry. Webbing hoops allow lashing to a MOLLE setup or cord may be run through the rivets for a wide variety of carry options. Full details and pricing available soon.

Updated Knives

Survivalist – Hollow Handle Knife spine update


We knew we were in for a change to the design of the hollow handle Survivalist knife, but what we ended up with blew me away in it’s utility and simplicity. Initial prototypes of the Survivalist featured a large, aggressive saw back that worked alright in practical applications, but weakened the blade to the point of failure during destructive testing  of the hollow handle design. This new design features a steep chisel grind allowing for and edge efficient at chopping tasks of hard material while keeping your main edge in good shape for finer tasks. We’ll be giving this new feature extensive field testing in the future.

The Survivalist is available in 3 styles and comes with a MOLLE compatible nylon sheath:

Outdoor Knife Sheaths get new multi-position carry system


Kizlyar Supreme brought prototypes of their new multi-position clip system to SHOT, these changes were extremely well received. The modular system allows for the user to choose high, low, canted, or horizontal (scout) carry options. And while retention with the old system was always pretty good this new modular system allows the kydex to wrap around the handle guard more effectively on both sides, I wouldn’t hesitate to carry one of these new designs handle down! In fact, the system is so well thought out we’re thinking of offering just the modular clip for custom knife makers and sheath makers alike.

New Amigo Clips convert the neck knives to anywhere knives

Amigo-Clip_07 Amigo-Clip_08 Amigo-Clip_03Amigo-Clip

The Amigo Series of neck knives from Kizlyar Supreme already offered a lot of knife in a low-profile neck carry system, but with the new clip setup you can carry these capable fixed blades wherever you want! The clips attach directly to the standard Amigo G10 sheath and allow for belt, boot, and pack carry (anywhere you’ve got a strap, really!). That versatility with the lightweight and low profile of the Amigo design mean you’ll forget you’re carrying a knife until it’s needed.

The Amigo knives are available in a wide variety of blade steels and G10 colors, see the full range here:


If you attended SHOT 2014 you would no doubt notice we’re missing a few new prototypes in the list above. We hope to be able to release info on these knives soon!

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