Kizlyar Supreme Kydex Sheath Updates

Kizlyar Supreme is working on some updates to their Kydex sheaths based on some of our feedback and testing. It’s hard to make out but in the image below you can see that the drain hole is now molded into the sheath itself, instead of being drilled out. This should allow for even better drainage. In addition the belt loop system can be configured with high, low or horizontal (scout) carry positions.

Also on display is the new lettering of the knife model on the sheath.

What do you think?

Kizlyar Supreme outdoor knives kydex sheath

2 Responses to “Kizlyar Supreme Kydex Sheath Updates”

  1. Maize

    The back of the new style is even more interesting. My mate seen one at a Russian show and took a picture. They added a new platform that should allow heaps of angle variations.

    • Blake

      Thanks, we finally got a batch of these in for the SHOT show and I have to agree the adjustment potential on the new design is exceptional. We’re looking into providing the clips themselves as a separate item for sheath makers. It’s a well thought out system.


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