2015 Blade Show – New Knives, Swords & Canes!

Blade Show proved to be another huge success, with massive crowds of eager knife and sword fans all weekend long. Nowhere else in the world can you experience everything the blade community has to offer; from supplies for makers to the most sought after collections the Blade Show is a must to attend. If you were not there this time we hope to see you next year, and to all of our friends that visit each year we thank you and cannot wait to spend our time together again!

sh2490-full 20150607-IMG_1044

2015 marks CAS’s 30th Anniversary and we have asked Hanwei to produce a very limited number of special Musashi-themed swords. We received the first of these swords just before the show and they have truly outdone themselves! For the first time ever the Musashi katana is available with an exceptional Forge-Folded blade of ASSAB K120C. Many more pictures and information is available here. These swords should be available towards the end of summer.


20150606-IMG_1033 20150607-IMG_1048 20150607-IMG_1051


Konstantin Kulikov of Kizlyar Supreme was on hand to show off the new Zedd and Zorg EDC Flippers and their all new steel Tactical Echelon Trainers. Several Prototypes were also on display (see prototype section below) including some throwing knives designed by a famous Russian knife throwing expert and new outdoor models with stabilized walnut scales and nice leather sheaths.


20150606-IMG_1029 20150607-IMG_1047

Dominique Eleure, the owner of Citadel Knives and Swords, was showing off his unique blend of old-world and modern knives and swords. These exceptional need to be seen in person to truly appreciate their handmade quality. The Phobos Folder which we have just received was a hit, being a large outdoor folder with a unique back-lock and stout N690Co blade. The scales are hand sculpted Linen Micarta and offer a firm grip in any situation.


Last, but far from least we showed off some prototypes from a relatively new forge producing some exceptional swords, canes and art-crafts; Dragon King. All of the below are prototypes and as such not currently available. Look for more information on this exciting new maker soon!

20150607-_DSC0085 20150607-IMG_1037 20150607-IMG_1035 20150607-IMG_1054 20150607-IMG_1038 20150607-IMG_1039 20150607-_DSC0082 20150607-_DSC0078 20150607-_DSC0080


2015 SHOT Show and ANME

This year at the SHOT and ANME shows we had on hand the full range of Kizlyar Supreme knives and debuted all of Citadel’s knives for the first time as well. As SHOT does not allow swords we had a good number of Hanwei Swords, Kaneie Katana, Legacy Arms Medieval Swords and our Palnatoke Cos-play/LARP Swords on hand at ANME.

Citadel Knives SHOT debut

Dominique Eleure, founder of Citadel Knives and Swords, was on hand at SHOT and ANME to show off the work produced at his workshop in Cambodia.


Kizlyar Supreme Full range of Tactical, Outdoors and Folding Knives

With the full range of Kizlyar Supreme knives on hand we gave everyone at the show a good look at what they have to offer in a superior Russian knife! Konstantin Kulakov (Kosta), a second generation knifemaker and director of Kizlyar Supreme, was on hand to answer any customer questions and show off their high performance knives. We also gave out a bunch of bags, hats, patches and stickers!






CAS Iberia announces partnership to carry high-end Citadel Knives

Citadel Fixed Hunter

In a sea of black handles and industrial machined blades is it possible to find a knife maker that uses some of the latest cutlery steels with high quality natural materials and hand craftsmanship without having to go custom? It is now. For the first time in many years Citadel Knives and Swords’ line of knives are available in North America from CAS Iberia. Citadel is perhaps best known as the maker of some of the most collectible and sought after Samurai Swords outside of Japan, but they also happen to make some exceptional custom-level knives.

Citadel’s knives combine imported European steels with the highest quality grip materials to create unique working knives at a custom level fit and finish, for far below that sticker price. Their knives are completely made in-house by master artisans. The high carbon blades are hand forged in a coal bed and highly polished to a keen convex edge. Most of their materials are imported but in some cases high quality local options are sourced, specifically the ray skin used in the Saigon and Husky models for the handles.

Citadel combines old-world craftsmanship with modern materials to make exceptional knives

Citadel purchases rays from local fisherman and processes the skins themselves. This ray skin is used in the handle wrapping of Samurai Swords and is renowned for its natural grippy texture. The tough leather is then glued to a carved wood core and finished as raw or dyed and polished making for a unique knife. Many of the knives have spines and spacers that are hand carved.

Citadel’s folding knives are available as small EDC pocket knives up to large camp folders in traditional Kukri designs and a whole lot in between. They are made from European imported high carbon Bohler N690Co stainless steel, a highly regarded steel that takes a good edge and is easy to maintain. The knives feature stout liner locks or a back lock in the case of the Phobos Outdoor Folder. Other knives in their selection such as the traditional Japanese pocket knife the Higonokami are simpler friction folders, held in the open position by the hand via a forged blade extension. Grip scales come in a wide range of options from horn, Palisander hard wood, Rosewood, bone and even the ray skin mentioned above.

Their range of fixed blades run from large camp knives and medium size hunters down to 2” bladed EDC knives. Each is made of hand forged high carbon DNH7 (similar to AISI1075) imported from Europe and are differentially hardened in the Japanese tradition. This process produces a hard, long lasting edge with a softer, more resilient spine and tang better suited to taking the shock of hard use. As with their folders Citadel sharpens each knife to a full convex edge. Full Grain stacked leather sheaths are double stitched and provide a number of carry options depending on the knife.

Crafting knives in this way means availability will be quite limited. Ask your local knife or gun store for a catalog, available from CAS Iberia, today!

More information on the knife construction and materials used is available here.

Saigon EDC Folder - Polished Rayskin

2014 Blade Show – The Largest Ever

Blade Show

By all accounts the 2014 Blade Show was the highest attended Blade Show ever!



We brought several all new items to the show and introduced an all new line of hand-made swords from Citadel Knives and Swords.

Citadel Knives and Swords are hand-made in Cambodia, each piece is crafted by a small team of highly skilled artisans. Their katana feature hand-forged differentially hardened blades of imported European 1075 steel. The blades are stone polished in the traditional manner and are exceptionally well balanced. The fittings are hand cut and carved from pure iron. Citadel even processes the ray skin in the handle themselves from local fishermen so they can choose the highest quality skins. The handles are wrapped fully in the ray skin with the seam hidden (not panels as is the norm) for greater strength. The ito is imported silk from Japan and expertly wrapped. More pictures and information on the individual swords to come soon.

Citadel Samurai Sword
Citadel Katana

Catching every hand crafted detail.

Citadel Almogavar

A knife this big will put a smile on anyone’s face.



From Kizlyar Supreme we had on hand their all new Intruder Fighting Knife, Sensei Tactical Tanto, and Dream Lockback Folder. In addition the Amigo Neck knife attachment clip was very well received by the crowds.

Kizlyar Supreme Display


From Viper we were able to show off the all new Magà knife designed by Krav Magà instructor Boris Manasherov, a unique design featuring Viper’s first bearing pivot system. This knife is super smooth and fits the hand well.

The all new HEMA Gear from the Red Dragon Armoury was extremely well received by those practicing all martial arts. The HEMA gloves and Federschwert (sparring sword) in particular caught the eye of fencers in the crowd.



On display from Hanwei was the all new Renshu Series, which combines the robust blade steel (through hardened 5160) of the Raptor Series with the economical fittings of the Practical Series swords! These swords are sure to be a hit with the backyard cutting and martial arts practitioners wanting to practice their technique without fear of damaging an expensive sword.



Each Blade Show is better than the last and this one was no exception. If you’ve ever thought of attending but didn’t quite make it out, make sure to mark your calendar for 2015 so you won’t regret missing the show again!

SHOT Show 2014 – New knives and updated designs from Kizlyar Supreme

We’ve put another successful SHOT show under our belts this year after introducing Kizlyar Supreme for the first time to the show crowd. It’s always a good feeling having someone come up to the booth and handle a knife for a while, you can tell that moment when you make a convert to a new knife design. We had a lot of those moments over the week.

We had a few new designs and some early prototypes on display, here are a few:

New Knives

The Urban – Everyday Fixed Blade


The Urban is an all new knife design from Kizlyar Supreme meant to be a modern everyday carry belt knife.

The 3 3/4″ slightly hollow ground blade is a good compromise for slicing and general use tasks. The wide belly and slight drop point make for an exceptional field dress knife, cardboard slicer, apple peeler or whatever task is at hand. A slight thumb ramp gives precise point control for fine work.

The handle features layered micarta scales that have been 3D sculpted for an incredibly comfortable grip.

The Urban is available in 4 styles and comes with a pancake style kydex sheath with a multi-position clip:

Sensei – Japanese Wakizashi influenced tactical knife


The Sensei is a long knife whose design is inspired by the traditional Japanese short sword, the Wakizashi. This big knife features AUS-8 and D2 steel and the same extremely well-received ABS/Kraton handles as the Tactical Echelon line from Kizlyar Supreme. The molded sheath provides solid lock-up and a multi-position clip for belt and vest carry. Webbing hoops allow lashing to a MOLLE setup or cord may be run through the rivets for a wide variety of carry options. Full details and pricing available soon.

Updated Knives

Survivalist – Hollow Handle Knife spine update


We knew we were in for a change to the design of the hollow handle Survivalist knife, but what we ended up with blew me away in it’s utility and simplicity. Initial prototypes of the Survivalist featured a large, aggressive saw back that worked alright in practical applications, but weakened the blade to the point of failure during destructive testing  of the hollow handle design. This new design features a steep chisel grind allowing for and edge efficient at chopping tasks of hard material while keeping your main edge in good shape for finer tasks. We’ll be giving this new feature extensive field testing in the future.

The Survivalist is available in 3 styles and comes with a MOLLE compatible nylon sheath:

Outdoor Knife Sheaths get new multi-position carry system


Kizlyar Supreme brought prototypes of their new multi-position clip system to SHOT, these changes were extremely well received. The modular system allows for the user to choose high, low, canted, or horizontal (scout) carry options. And while retention with the old system was always pretty good this new modular system allows the kydex to wrap around the handle guard more effectively on both sides, I wouldn’t hesitate to carry one of these new designs handle down! In fact, the system is so well thought out we’re thinking of offering just the modular clip for custom knife makers and sheath makers alike.

New Amigo Clips convert the neck knives to anywhere knives

Amigo-Clip_07 Amigo-Clip_08 Amigo-Clip_03Amigo-Clip

The Amigo Series of neck knives from Kizlyar Supreme already offered a lot of knife in a low-profile neck carry system, but with the new clip setup you can carry these capable fixed blades wherever you want! The clips attach directly to the standard Amigo G10 sheath and allow for belt, boot, and pack carry (anywhere you’ve got a strap, really!). That versatility with the lightweight and low profile of the Amigo design mean you’ll forget you’re carrying a knife until it’s needed.

The Amigo knives are available in a wide variety of blade steels and G10 colors, see the full range here: http://casiberia.com/category/neck-knives/6108


If you attended SHOT 2014 you would no doubt notice we’re missing a few new prototypes in the list above. We hope to be able to release info on these knives soon!

Kizlyar Supreme Kydex Sheath Updates

Kizlyar Supreme is working on some updates to their Kydex sheaths based on some of our feedback and testing. It’s hard to make out but in the image below you can see that the drain hole is now molded into the sheath itself, instead of being drilled out. This should allow for even better drainage. In addition the belt loop system can be configured with high, low or horizontal (scout) carry positions.

Also on display is the new lettering of the knife model on the sheath.

What do you think?

Kizlyar Supreme outdoor knives kydex sheath

Legacy Arms (Gen2) Medieval Swords Pommel Peening Method

Peened Tang

We’ve been working closely with the Legacy Arms forge on changing several aspects of their medieval swords for the last several months. One of the most important changes we are going to begin to see shortly is in how each sword is put together. In the past, as with many sword production companies, Legacy Arms used a modified threaded pommel / peen construction. The gist is that the pommels are drilled and threaded and the tangs are tapered and threaded for the last several inches. The guard, grip and any spacers are fitted then the pommel screwed on to provide the necessary compression of the hilt. Once the pommel is seated the end of the threaded tang is peened over the pommel.

There are two main reasons why we have decided to move away from this method:

It is not as strong as a full (non threaded) tang. Legacy Arms blades are designed to stand up to a lot of hard use. When cutting a large amount of force is applied to the handle in two places; the blade / tang junction (shoulder) and at the pommel. Proper heat treatment of the threaded portion can make a strong connection between tang and pommel, but you still have to remove metal to do it, and removing metal weakens the sword at a critical point.

Threaded tangs / pommels shows up much later historically than any of the Legacy Arms medieval swords. Exacting historical reproductions are not our goal, but this is an important point, if medieval artisans thought there was a better way they would have done it.

New Peening Method

So, from now on the swords from the Legacy Arms forge will no longer feature a threaded tang, with the exception of a handful where we need to make design changes (Roman MainzRoman GladiusMusso Bowie and Chaos Sword).

Instead a more traditional method of construction has been in place over the last several months and we expect all of the swords except those noted above to feature this new method before the end of the year, here are the steps involved:

  1. The guard is press fit into place.
  2. The keyed pommel is press fit into place and the end of the tang peened over the pommel.
  3. The wood grip halves are glued in place.

Simpler is better, don’t you think?

What about the Tinker designed threaded tangs?

Tinker’s sword designs produced by Hanwei feature a pommel that is “keyed” (rectangular blade tang into rectangular hole) to the tang and reduced to a threaded portion. A recessed allen nut is used to then compression fit the guard / grip and pommel. Keying the pommel keeps the force of a strike onto the strong part of the tang, effectively making the design as strong as a properly peened pommel.